Julia Zastava

    Sunset Z explores the idea of processes of mutation, the theme of a fragmented reality, the polymorphism of the human condition and the expansion of meanings and functions. The narration as an activity that moves through the room, the light, the characters, the sound, makes of every element an actor. Zastava tries to short circuit the correspondence between the concept and its meaning, to dissolve the preset of notions of culture and its cliché.

    Sunset Z is based on methods of repetition and formations of interrupted shapeshifting. It is organized like a puzzle and speaks the language of opening flowers, flapping wings, crispy baked hearts, engine hallucination and shattered waterfall. The objects operate as references of a common memory, that has been for some reason distorted, to make possible the reality of this other history. On stage, the performers merge with the set and become active players for the elements in a loop of haunted gestures. The sound functions like a visitor, whose appearance is like the weather or an eclipse.
    In May 2021, an online version of Sunset Z was shown on tqw.at as part of the Rakete festival.
    Concept, stage, performance ︵‿ Julia Zastava
    Performance︵‿ Alex Bailey
    Artistic collaboration︵‿ Pedro Riva
    Sound︵‿ Lucas Henao Serna, Julia Zastava