Julia Zastava

  • From the Album P

  • Die Frisur von La Bestia
    Performative Installation
    F e s t i v a l B e l l u a r d Bollwerk, Fribourg CH, 2022

    George stepped into the fog.
    Wings were flapping away.
    George reads the message of irritation in their noise.
    He contemplates.
    He examines his legs and the landscape.
    There is still a pink light on the haunting horizon.
    He corrects his hairdo and adjusts the gaze.
    His eccentric seat is in its place.
    Other parts melted between his hot steaming legs.
    George pulls out his mace and plays with it cutting the air in slow diagonals.
    Air is still electrified and it makes George feel strong_ in a very special way.
    A way that also brings him a feeling of a certain loneliness.
    There is a moment of silence.
    George bends. Motorbike‘s lava reflects his moves.
    He knocks 3 times on the ground - nobody answers.
    They activate a smell machine and he starts feeling better.
    He hears his soul mate breath.
    He tries to move his gills in the same rythm.
    Groccery store closes.
    Flower opens.

    Concept, installation, performance, sound ︵‿ Julia Zastava
    Artistic collaboration, performance, sound ︵‿ Lucas Henao Serna
    Guest performers ︵‿ Tomé Mendes, Nico Schnarrenberger, Corinne Harris
    Co-production ︵‿ Belluard Bollwerk
    Created thanks to a Cultural promotion contribution of Canton de Fribourg Picture
    Camera Camera ︵‿ Sophie Berset, Laura Lanfranchi